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Sethala is a South African born one-stop Technology Service Provider (TSP) with a strong focus on IoT solution design and development.

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Full-Stack Development

Full-stack development

Web, mobile and firmware development

Using the latest technology, we design, build, implement and maintain turn-key business solutions according to your requirements.

Leverage off our experienced team of developers and system integrators to empower you to make informed business decisions.

System Integration

System Integration

API, webhooks, AMQP

Using a variety of the latest methods and our team’s expertise, we can automate the exchange of consistent information between different systems to make them work together and in harmony.

This will result in increased productivity and data consistency and increased value to your customers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud hosting, support & maintenance.

Deploying a system in the cloud is simple but to truly understand all the underlined technologies for building and maintaining reliable and scalable carrier grade systems is not.

Sethala holds collectively over 30 years worth of experience in deploying, managing, monitoring and maintaining infrastructure, be it on-premis or in the cloud.

We are able to support Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services as a Service (CaaS).

Sethala CORE

ONE Platform for all your assets.

Aimed to bridge the complexity of implementing and maintaining modern IoT solutions, CORE is a device agnostic self-service platform developed from the ground up by Sethala and forms the base of all Sethala’s solutions.

CORE features all the key components of a secure, modern and robust IoT platform allowing any IoT solution to be easily configured, deployed and maintained through one powerful user interface.


Connect your assets using the latest technology and bridge data sources with ease.


Integrate your data in a simple cost-effective way and securely expose to 3rd party platforms when needed.


Empower your users with flexibility and choice with support for web and mobile platforms.


Create and implement data-driven business rules to automate tasks, notifications and integrations.

Sethala CORE is device agnostic and support all the latest technologies allowing integration with any device.

Sethala Business Solutions

SaaS business solutions

Turn-key business solutions

Don’t redesign the wheel! Sethala’s Platform offers businesses a suite of turn-key cost effective Software-as-a-Service solutions.


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