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Sethala CORE

Sethala CORE

Sethala CORE is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) IoT & Telematics Platform which offers easy to use apps for versatile and comprehensive deployment, asset and device management at an affordable monthly per-device subscription.

Platform Features


CORE covers the entire lifecycle of supported devices and gateways. Provisioning, activation, authentication, testing, deployment, OTA updates, remote administration (OTA), troubleshooting, and diagnostics.


Connectivity orchestration and connection management with support for most communication services for IoT Devices, Gateways and Nodes. CORE supports GSM, LoRa (LAN & WAN), Sigfox, MQTT and AMQP.


CORE’s build-in gatekeeper component ensures only authorized users, devices and processes are able to access the platform and that user data remains secure. CORE is GDPR & POPIA compliant.

Cloud Computing

Sethala is a Microsoft Azure Partner and CORE is build on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, a trusted and secure cloud backend that brings reliably, security and scalability to the Platform.

Data Management

CORE’s data management component takes care of secure data collection, mapping, extraction, storage, processing, logic, analysis and prediction.


CORE offers a stack of Management and Data Processing APIs allowing system and solution integrators to seamless integrate with 3rd Party Platforms and applications.


CORE includes UIs for Administrators, Users and Custodians and provides a free Mobile application for Apple and Android users.


Various user friendly dashboards available to monitor Platform metrics and visualise data.

Rules Engine

CORE’s build-in rules engine allows for easy configuration of data-driven business rules to automate processes and notifications.